Saturday, August 30, 2008

Attempting the Impossible...

I am one of those who have crossed the great fandom divide and love both SMAP and F4 or F4 and SMAP. It was unthinkable before for these two groups to share the same space and time. SMAP is from Japan, superstars, unreachable. F4 is from Taiwan, newer to the scene, phenomenal.

But after F4 guested on SMAP's long running TV show SMAPXSMAP, all thoughts of them intersecting was shot to the heavens and well I went with the shot to heaven. LOL.

F4 is having their concert run in Japan and the avid fan that I am wants to go. But my world again was turned upside down when SMAP announced that they will be having their live concert run more or less on top of F4's run dates.

A fangirl must do what a fangirl must do. Watch both. I have waited a long time for the chance to see SMAP again. A long time to have the chance to go back to Japan.

And so I am attempting something which I thought was impossible. I am in the process of twisting and turning to make things happen. And I hope that all the gods will be with me again.

Kamisama mo ichido onegai shimasu...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beijing, Beijing, Wo Ai Beijing

Time does fly when you're having fun. I was working long hours the past couple of weeks and my only therapy to tone down after 12 or 14 hour days was watch olympic games. I enjoyed the volleyball, swimming, diving, some tennis, some basketball and some athletics.

After the closing ceremony which by the way is another fabulous production, I will miss the Olympics and wish London the best of luck in 2012. Beijing would be a tough act to follow.

And just like the opening ceremony, there are images that I will remember forever in my mind but most especially the tower of memory that kept me ooohhing and ahhhing as the human tower formed itself into many things.

Not only images, but now and most of the world who watched the number where Rain from Korea and Wang Lee Hom from Taiwan sang together with other Chinese performers, we can hum this tune that is my last song syndrome for the day... Beijing, Beijing, wo ai Beijing...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The New Orly Diva

Me! I am the latest Orly diva. Thanks to my sister-in-law Pam who bought me my own bottle after using her bottle several times. Guess she got tired of me borrowing..hahaha!

Seriously, I was balking at the price tag of this bottle. But when 2 weeks, 3 week later my nails are still the same, I was convinced that it is worth every peso.

Of course no purple person will stop at having one color so I went in search of more Orly's. I was so loving Orly's websites. You'll know why when you follow the links *winks*.

Corporate Website:

My online shopping will definitely extend to nail products.
And my nails will never be the same .. it will be more gorgeous! Hahahaha!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Awesome Opening Ceremony

The Beijing Olympics had an awesome, awesome opening ceremony. Many may disagree but in my lifetime of watching Olympic games, this one held me in awe the most. I was just facing the tv but my mouth was wide open as if i was in the Bird's Nest stadium.

The richness of the Chinese culture was utilized to the max and paired with the latest in technology, the result was an astounding show. The fireworks alone left no doubt that China is one of the best in lighting up the sky. They lighted up a whole city!!

This is my favorite part of the ceremony. Li Ning, running on air towards the olympic torch and chasing the scroll as it opens.

Kudos to the Chinese Olympic Committee and most especially, the citizens of the the People's Republic of China. The many years of effort and preparation paid off. I can't wait for the closing ceremony. =)

Photo courtesy of Xie xie ni!

One world, One Dream!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

And I thought I did not buy purple stuff in Dubai...

I did buy a few! From the top..

I bought that Indian flats after my Bur Dubai adventure with our friend Richard. It's a very comfortable pair and I've worn it a couple of Fridays at the office.

I love my bedroom slippers from Ikea. It was actually my arrival gift from Tatsi and wears like a pair of socks.

Now that watch... took me a couple of days to decide to buy. It is actually not very expensive but I saw it when I was just a few days away from going home which means I am running out of cash! Hahaha!! So a couple of days before I left for Manila I bugged my brother Denver to walk with me (and it was a long mall walk..sorry Daddy Dab) to Aldo Accessories to get this piece. My brother was so astounded because he thought I was mulling over something very expensive.

Those decorated jewelry box and pencil case are exquisite finds. I love them because they are unique and has that touch of Arabic design. They were on sale so I did not have any 2nd thoughts of buying. Also on sale were those nice purple jewelry accessories.

And will Gigi travel anywhere without buying notebooks? Never happened yet. That gorgeous bundle of paper was from Borders and now I realized is one of the most expensive thing that I bought during that trip. It's the Thai silk material I guess...

And the last thing I bought was a bunch of souvenirs and that refrigerator magnet was one of them. It was just so cute that I had to buy alternative items because I hogged my own souvenir from someone who was supposed to receive them. =) If that was not a case of purple desperation, I don't know what is it.