Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Gift

Nope, it's not a chair for moi...but for my BB! A colleague at work one day popped in my office and presented me with that little box. Opening the box and taking out this cute purple phone chair brightened my day. These past couple of months, bright days are far and few so one bright day is hard to forget.

The Blackberry is a bit too big for the chair but I can sit it sideways and doesn't fall so yey! :)

It's not my birthday. And Christmas is not until 3 months away so receiving a random present is probably the next best thing to Christmas....or even better. The level of surprise is so much more. During birthdays and Christmas, you have expectations. Even if one is trying to live under the old adage of "it is better to give than to receive", there is still that small expectation that you will receive something one way or the other.

Thank you so much Ms.O. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

If all the raindrops were Coca-Cola Zero...

It's pissing rain here in Manila these days. I am always screaming expletives at the potholes especially along the EDSA, Manila's major highway.

Oh well, one of my consolation is my addiction to Coke most especially Coke Zero. And yay, I have a new purple Coke glass from the US. Thank you Elsa! :)

So to take away the niggling feeling of exasperation, let's all sing a Barney song with a little lyrics twist...

if all the raindrops were coca-cola zero, oh what a rain it would be
standing outside with my mouth open wide
if all the raindrops were coca-cola zero, oh what a rain it would be...