Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Accessories for my Birthday

Though I already have tons and I mean tons of purple accessories, I just loved the gifts that my staff Ena gave me...BRACELETS GALORE!! Now I need to go out so I can wear them. =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events...

...peppered my otherwise "happy birth day".

First, I wanted to eat a late lunch at this Japanese restaurant called Murasaki. I had a slight fever the night before so we were a bit late leaving the house. When we got there it was closed! All I had was a photo right beside the signage...and I was dreaming of eating there for the past year...because Murasaki is purple in japanese...sigh...

It is my Maming's (my mother) 8th death anniversary on the 22nd April so after grabbing a burger we went to Manila Memorial Park to meet up with my sister-in-law Pam and the kids. It was a happy day of lounging around the park. When we were about to leave to have dinner, a girl who was apparently learning how to ride a motorcycle fell beside my car. And so my precious Zoomzoom now sports a dented fender.

In addition to this unfortunate incident, the lady in question could not afford to pay me for the damage. She had to get her mother-in-law to appeal to me that they can only pay half of what I would pay as participation fee to the insurance company. Since it was almost dark and we had a dinner appointment, I just said "oh hell" and agreed so that we can be done with it.

While we were driving to the Seaside Restaurants, I had a feeling of anxiety. As they say, bad things come in 3s.

The food was delicious (I was too happy and forgot to take photos of the shrimps, baked mussels, calamares, etc.), the company was fantastic - several of my fangirlfriends joined us, but when we were getting ready to move to the nearest Starbucks for coffee, one of my nieces picked up what seemed to be the ribbon of my shoes...sigh...

So there...3 unfortunate events...

That's what I thought!

On our way home, my husband had to do a quick brake because the local government is doing its maintenance. How unfortunate the their sign was not placed right as we almost hit it after the car in front of us swerved. We managed to stop but then we heard something bumped us from behind...sigh... another motorcycle bumped our car while the driver skidded to the side of the road. This time the victim is the bumper of our car.

So the shoe event is just a red herring. This is the real 3rd unfortunate event. I mean what are the odds that 2 motorcycles will bump your car within a span of 6 hours? And on someone's birthday?

Thank God that no one got seriously hurt. I was even more thankful when we got home safe and sound. This day will forever be in the hall of fame of most memorable events in my life.

Happy Birthday to me...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can't Stop....

I already have panda eyes but I still can't stop...

I am forever sleepy from many late nights but I still can't stop...

My player already died on me but I still can't stop...

It's been a month and I'm still watching Taiwanese dramas like a starved woman. After years of Japanese dramas, I just tried watching one as a stress buster but I am addicted again.

Devil Beside You, Love Contract, Why Why Love, Bullfigthing, Tokyo Juliet and now on my 6th drama Hana Kimi.

I guess until I get tired of the kisses, the hugs, the goosebumps, I would be watching and watching and watching.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

One of the cutest purple thing!

Though I report directly to the President and Managing Director here in Manila, I still have a dotted line to the Sr. Vice President of HR in our US Corporate Headquarters.

That boss comes over to Manila once a year and since discovering that I live in a one purple world, has brought me little purple presents.

This year, he found me the cutest purple thing ever. It's a small toy safe that actually works! It has a combination lock written at the bottom so I can really keep stuff in there. If I want to make it a piggy bank, I can as it has a coin hole at the top. That's not a good idea though as I'm sure I would steal the money right away once the fandom bug hits. =) Oh and did I mention that it is made in Taiwan? Hahaha!

So what should I keep in here? Hmmmm... By the way, thanks Les!