Friday, June 19, 2009

Fangirl on a Road Trip!

I basically spent the 111th Independence day of the Philippines sleeping.

So on the last day of the past long weekend, I was excited to have something to do...fangirling! Except I don't have to fly out of the country (yet) to chase after a celebrity I like.

So together with fellow fangirls, off we went on a road trip to a nearby province - Pampanga. We were intent on seeing local celebrity Gabby Concepcion who made a comeback last year to Philippine showbusiness.

The event was held at SM Clark in Angeles, Pampanga and SM San Fernando in where else but San Fernando, Pampanga. There were so many other events in Manila that we could meet him but well fangirls are always not concerned about the place or the venue. Our concern is if we will get to meet and greet.

While waiting for Gabby to arrive at the venue, fangirls resorted to an age old pastime - camwhoring. Pose here and there. We wanted to indulge in another pastime - shopping but there wasn't much time.

Of course we got our autographs and individual photos at the events! But what was cherry on the ice cream sundae was that we were allowed to follow Gabby and his entourage to their private dinner venue so we can do more camwhoring. Isn't that the coolest? I wish there is an opportunity such as this with my boys in Taiwan, Japan and Korea... sigh...

So anyway, the food was great. Lunch was good too even if Aling Naty's carinderia was just a second choice to Aling Lucing who closes her famous road side eatery on Sundays!

The restaurant during dinner is called C's and though the menu was a bit pricey for the average Filipino, it never is for a fangirl. After our super delicious risotto and pasta dinner, dessert was of course Gabby.

The company of fellow fangirls was great. The company of my playmate was great. A nice and accommodating artist (mabuhay ka Gab and thank you!) makes a really, really fun and fan day!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Purple Hunting!

I was in a management meeting last Monday when my friend Norman texted me and told me about the Purple Hunt promo of Yahoo Philippines ( I was booked the whole day and was dying to see what the purple fuzz was all about.

Finally, I managed to register for the promo. Keeping in mind that I need to get to one of the malls soon. The opportunity came the next day. I had to attend a briefing on AH1N1 at the American Chamber of Commerce ( On the drive there, I was so happy that their office is right in front of Greenbelt Mall ( So right after the briefing, I took a quick detour and went to see the booth.

Of course you will not miss the booth as its purpleness was right smack in the lobby of Greenbelt 3. I asked how to join and they said if I had a printout of the registration (which I did..hehe) then I get to have a free purple donut and the rubics cube type key chain. Yes!!!

And then I was asked to play this game using this purple wall. I was supposed to find the drawing that I pick in 30 seconds and I get to win an item. The more I find, the nicer the prize.

My eyes were not as fast as it used to be... so I only won a cute purple post-it pad. The highlight of this promo is a raffle of a car with purple graffiti! I want, I want!!! I wish, I wish...

This little Honda Jazz ( is such a cutie that I had to take front and side shots. Can you imagine me speeding around Manila in this car? LOL! And then if you get assistance on how to use yahoo mobile on your blackberry, you get another giveaway, this time a purple lanyard! Woohoo!

I had so much fun in just a few short minutes. As soon as I got back to the office, I took a pic of my loot and munched my purple Krispy Kreme ( doughnut with a huge grin on my face.

Visit the Purple Hunt booths of Yahoo! Philippines until June 18th. Check out schedules at the website.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Black & White

Since April, my Mondays are Black & White days. This Taiwan drama is broadcasted every Saturday night, uploaded online every Sunday and subbed by a community of fans overnight ready for viewing online by Monday morning usually before noon.

I watch this over at ( The concept of community subbing is sooo cool. Everyone who is a member and can translate may contribute to the project. The moderators have already timed the subs and left blank spaces for people to type the sub-title. How cool is that!!!

So anyway, I am so loving this drama. It's a police drama with Vic "Zaizai" Chou Yu Min ( and Mark Zhao as leads. Zaizai is my favorite F4 of Taiwan. I have been following his career since I was introduced to F4 via Meteor Garden. From the broody Hua Ze Lei to the edgy and sexy Ling in Mars, the funny and quirky Xu Le of Wish To See You, Zaizai has evolved into the mysterious, multi-layered character Chen Zai Tian.

The series as of this post is at episode 18 with 6 more to go. Despite retaining his boyish good looks, Zaizai takes on a policeman with a mysterious past. The character of Chen Zai Tian is playful, loves women, he hates getting hurt, does not like shooting his gun but had a reputation for solving cases.

There are many new things that I've seen from Zaizai in this drama. Images such as sexy dancing on stage are memorable. But what made this one unique and worthy of an award is the depth of Zaizai's dramatic skills now. I knew he has a great comedic timing that is perfect for romantic comedies. Now I know that he can also make me cry!

Needless to say, this drama is one of those that I will be watching more than once. Aside from the great storyline, the cast is awesome and the direction and texture of the drama is very movie like.

I am excited for what Zaizai can do in the future. There is not one moment that I regret joining his fanclub as he is very good to his fans.

As Zaizai turns 28 years old tomorrow, June 9th, I wish him a Happy Birthday and all the best in this world. He deserves it. Zhu ni shang ri kuai le!!!

And watch Black & White everyone! =)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Flip-Flop Update

I lost one of a pair of orchid Havaianas flip-flops a couple of weeks ago when we went to visit my parent's grave. It was one of my fave pair which I bought in Singapore. I already lost another blue pair of Havis a couple of years back when we stayed at 8 Waves Waterpark.

So suddenly I felt I need a new pair. When I got home and was fixing my shoe cabinet, I realized I had more than enough back-up pairs. There was still another pair in my car which I forgot to bring up to the birdcage. All in all 13 pairs!

I could not resist this new pair. Glow in the dark purple!!! Well, I practically live in them so I guess another pair won't hurt. =)

Though I have a mix of brands (Reef, Old Navy, Dupe, Nike, Billabong, etc.), my flip-flop of choice are still Havaianas (!! Oye!