Sunday, April 6, 2008

One of the cutest purple thing!

Though I report directly to the President and Managing Director here in Manila, I still have a dotted line to the Sr. Vice President of HR in our US Corporate Headquarters.

That boss comes over to Manila once a year and since discovering that I live in a one purple world, has brought me little purple presents.

This year, he found me the cutest purple thing ever. It's a small toy safe that actually works! It has a combination lock written at the bottom so I can really keep stuff in there. If I want to make it a piggy bank, I can as it has a coin hole at the top. That's not a good idea though as I'm sure I would steal the money right away once the fandom bug hits. =) Oh and did I mention that it is made in Taiwan? Hahaha!

So what should I keep in here? Hmmmm... By the way, thanks Les!


Lilaclady said...

love your little purple safe. I love purple too :)

GIGI said...

Thanks for dropping by. I love that little purple safe too. And I am so happy to find another purple soul. Adding your blog to my links, okay?