Saturday, October 4, 2008

F4 Japan Tour 2008 in Yokohama...All to Myself

Last night, I had F4 all to myself at the Yokohama Arena because I ended up watching the kick-off concert of F4’s 3 city, 7 show tour hitori ne – alone. For some reason whoever was supposed to watch with me did not show up.

I was even excited to go to the arena from where I am staying in the suburbs of Tsurugamine, Yokohama. I arrived at Shin-Yokohama (some 8 local train stations away and 5 subway stations from downtown Yokohama) at 5pm. My ticket said gates will open at 6m and show will start at 7pm. Since I was early and hungry, I decided to find a good place to eat and gladly found it not far away from the arena.

I was back at the arena as the gates were just opened. Following the throng of people, I went about finding my seat. My F8-39 seat was a lower level seat on eye level with the stage. My SMAP concert arena tickets would still be “the” arena ticket for me so far in my fangirl days but I’m not complaining since the venue is not as gigantic as the Tokyo Dome. I can still see them clearly without having to resort to binoculars.

Lights went off at 7:15 pm and the show started. The concept of the introduction was legends and knights. There were 4 legends from the North, South, East and West. I could not remember who is which because I was focused on the entrance of each member from the 4 ends of the stage. The member nearest me was Zaizai. Perfect! =)

Opening number is obviously Waiting for You. All 10,000 plus ladies in the house went wild. Jerry was handsome and looking cool. Zaizai was his usual smiling self, gained weight (sexy...) with his blue hair. Ken thank God shaved all the hair on his face and looks healthy (he is not fat! just filled out nicely with a tiny belly..hahaha!) Vanness on the other is buffed as usual and for some reason looks like the Asian version of Prince. I love the guy but he just went a bit overboard with the eyeliner.

After Waiting for You, F4 sang the old familiar Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. A flash back of all their most popular music videos were shown and then Ken came on for a solo. He sang a song which I could not remember the title (something about a new day) and Lalala which everyone was happy to sing along with. Then Zaizai came on to do his solo of some jazzy song with a cute choreography. Yes folks, Zaizai danced! After the upbeat number Zaizai sang Missing You. Next to come on is Jerry introduced via a little boy fantasy concept singing a newly arrange song which again I could not remember the title (Memory Pieces! It was my LSS the whole day today..hahaha!). The cute number ended with a lucky fan getting a cute and big Winnie the Pooh teddy bear from Jerry.

Zaizai came on to fill in a gap and asked the audience to do the wave and then Vanness came on to do a solo. He sang a song I like (Mama?) with back-up vocals, then another ballad and finally segueing to Listen to Your Heart. By this time, the boy (oops, he’s already 30 now!) has already thrown his top away. I was actually waiting when he would do it. =)

Then it was Ken again. And to my surprise and delight, he tapped danced and sang a jazzy version of Ai Bu Ding Tian. The guy obviously used his idle time well because he was just perfect tapping away. I just wished he practiced the dance while singing because there were times that I could not hear his voice from gasping for air. Nevertheless he deserved a huge applause which the crowd did give. Ken’s next number was well-timed because he sang an acoustic ballad in English. Folks, sorry about my many senior moments. I will just edit my post later when I’ve done a little digging in my files.

Up next was Zaizai again singing two Japanese songs in a row – his own Wherever you Are and the national romantic ballad of the Japanese I Love You. The Japanese ladies in the house, which is most of them, can only exclaim sugoii! If he forgot even a word of the songs, I did not notice. Then there was about 3 seconds of dead silence and Vanness came back on singing something about Lucky Love with a guest DJ/rapper who I don’t know (hahaha!!). It was Jerry again after Vanness and sang (was it? it is!) One Meter. My ears ached but I forgave him after a second because he was just looking so hot!! =) After his gut wrenching song he walked over to a piano and played a bar of the scintillating Twinkle, twinkle little stars moving on to his cover of the Japanese version of Wo Ke Yi (part of Mars OST). While singing this song, the trailer of his new drama Starlit was being played at the big screen. It looked like its going to be a good drama.

I never thought I’d hear Mama Zuo sang live but last night Zaizai delighted his fans with his airport where in the world theme number. Aside from dancing, Zaizai went on a harness and did back flips and all sorts of flying antics. It became my favourite solo of the show!

As the show seem to be winding down, out came Ken and Vanness singing Wo Bushi F4 rock version! It was a fantastic number and fantastic to hear them singing Zaizai’s song. And then Zaizai popped out of center stage wearing a hospital jacket...of course everyone guessed that he will sing Jerry’s song from the drama. Suddenly Jerry came out also wearing the hospital jacket so the whole arena went wild because they sang duet. It was such a great segment that it became my favourite group number of the whole show.

Then the boys sang old favourites from At the First Step and Season of Fireworks. Thank you speeches followed and finally Goodbye from the latest album. As they disappeared from the stage, the crowd kept on clapping and chanting F4. We knew they would come out again. They have not sung the F4 global anthem!

They all came out at my side of the stage and I almost fell off my seat with how tight and skinny Zaizai’s jeans are. Both he and Jerry were wearing jeans and boots but Jerry’s was a bit loose. I would have died twice if Jerry was wearing skin tight jeans too! So of course they sang Can’t Lose You and Meteor Rain as the encore numbers. Now it’s perfect.

As I run outside of the arena to catch my trains, I thought to myself that though it was the first show and there were some off key singing the overall grade for the show in my opinion is excellent. The costumes were not too over the top. Although the stage is simple and set up like a cross, overall direction and production design was good. Visual and hydraulic equipment were used very well and they did not scrimp on hiring back-up dancers. The band is of course from Taiwan and all are friends of Vanness. The re-arrangement of their old songs was fantastic.

Congratulations F4! Wish to see Tokyo.

** Sorry no photos. Cameras were not allowed too.


pochie said...

*sighs* I suddenly wish I was there :) *HUGS*

"My ears ached but I forgave him after a second because he was just looking so hot. =) "

--> OIST! ano to?! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.... gusto ko ng Jerry yubong.. BWAHAHAA

GIGI said...

Believe me, I missed you. Next time...

Wala akong biniling merchandise pa. Will wait until Tokyo.

And yes, he was hot looking in that damn number...mwahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your detailed report.

I am so glad to know that Jerry was handsome last night.

midch said...

hi ate gigi! Thank you very much for your very detailed and vivid description of last night's F4 concert! :) knowing that zaizai danced and used a harness in one of his stunts, i can't help but feel a little sad because i missed this experience of a lifetime :( i hope the concert organizers will release a concert dvd. Take care!

Nortaku said...

Hi! nice to know you indeed enjoy again F4's concert even all by yourself. I once also an F4 addict before esp.Jerry Yan pero medyo nag lie low na hahaha...Now I'm a SMAP addict!
BTW have you successfully mailed my goods?
Have a safe trip back here!

GIGI said...

Hi MITCH! Yes it is really an experience of a lifetime. They might release a dvd coz I saw cameras filming them. The boys showed different stuff talaga. =)

GIGI said...

NORLYN, yes I already mailed your items. From the hotel pa lang when I checked out last Thursday. Parcel Post (pero by air) nga lang dahil wala daw EMS. It has an item # so I don't know if we can track online. #CC084821541JP

Will take about a week daw. Please wait for it na lang.

Thanks for your comment. =)

Nortaku said...

Ah ok, I'll just wait for it.
Thank you so very much!

zaq said...

ate gi!!! almost forgot that you are there already...

It's so nice that you watched the con...

I would really love to see ZZ fly... hehehe....

thanks for sharing your adventure with us...

yngit tuloy ako... gusto ko marining din ang Rain, Mama Zou and Memory Peices nagng live!!!

norie said...

Hi gigi, thanks so much for sharing with us your f4 yokohama concert experiences. Sayang talaga na miss namin ito. Can'twait to hear from you the Oct 7 tokyo budoukan F4 concert!

Thanks again for sharing your story and we really appreciate it!

norie said...

From Nerie:

Gi thank you ha, hitting two birds with one stone ka ha. F4 na SMAP pa!kainggit ka! Ganda ng SMAP concert souvenirs mo ah! pahingi ng isa ha (joke lang) hehehe.

yam* said...

Ate Gigi, don't know if you remember me but thanks for sharing your concert experience :) My friends will be watching the Tokyo concerts.

- Yam

GIGI said...

ZAQ! Naku I am still on high and excited for Oct 7 so kelan kaya ako bababa sa tama ko? Baka sa December pa! Hahahaha!!!

NORIE, thanks for dropping by. Sorry to hear that you girls did not make it here. Next time! I did not make it to Japan last 2006 so I know the feeling. Will post another kwento after Oct 7.

NERIE, kaya nga kahit magkanda-broke ako eh pinilit kong makapunta this year. Eto na ang ultimate ko. Btw, I already have your Anan. =) At wag ka na mag-attempt humingi ng con goods at matinding basa ng ulan inabot ko dyan dahil dyan naka-kumot ang jacket ko wag lang mabasa! Hahaha! Tingin pwede..hehe.

YAM, of course I remember you. Sa mga songs lang ako nagkaka-senior moment dahil naghalo na ang Chinese and Japanese. Hope your friends enjoy the show just like I did. And hope to see more Filipinos.