Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wu Chun's and Calvin Chen's Stalkers!

********photo taken down as requested by an anonymous comment************

It is a quiet weekend for me and as I was scrounging around for photos of what to blog about, I stumbled on this one sent by fellow fangirl Eve.

These girls were what remained after that hectic weekend of Chun's and Calvin's visit. The boys had dinner at Abe in Serendra. As they ate, we had dinner and waited by the fountain. It was funny because we were all posed to try and have one last photo and that space in front was supposedly for them. =) Too bad we did not succeed...

But it was still a weekend to remember. I can't wait for September to roll along so I can shop for anything and everything Feilunha in Shanghai. =)

Again, thanks to Eve for the pic.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to Purpleness - Purple Watches!!

I am not a watch person. All my watches are cheap ones that I found during my travels or gifts.

The one on the far left was bought in the Bugis flea market, SGD 5.00 =)

Next to it was bought in the sidewalk of Tsim Tsa Tsui in Hongkong, HKD 10.00 =)

That cute flowery watch was given by my travel buddy and resident brat Ochie in Puerto Galera, Philippines (not Boracay Island as previously written, sorry Och).

The purple Timex ( watch on top is my weekend and beach trip staple. To order an extra strap, I had to wait for 6 months!! It's my most expensive watch, PHP 1,700.00 =).

Cool beans, right?!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Icing on the Cake

Group photos with Wu Chun and Calvin Chen!!

It was a surprise. Announced at the very last part of the Meet and Greet. Everyone could not stop screaming at the thought of going up the stage and having their photos taken with Chun and Calvin. Never mind if in a group. It was still an exciting experience.

Thanks to Eve (beside me kneeling in front) for sending these previous and unforgettable photo.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend with Wu Chun and Calvin Chen

It has been too long since any Taiwanese artist came over to the Philippines. The last I remember was Jerry Yan in 2005 for the Bench event in Cebu,an island province south of Manila.

So when I heard about Wu Chun and Calvin Chen coming over to promote their drama Romantic Princess, I dusted off my fangirl shoes and went chasing.

First stop was the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Through my friends in PAL, I was able to gain access to the arrival lobby of the airport. With a handful of Filipino fans and a bunch of overseas fans, I finally saw the boys in person for the very first time.

Second stop was the very short Meet the Fans event at the ABS-CBN studio compound. I was laughing so hard when we got to the line formed outside the studio because I was probably the oldest fangirl there!! After waiting for more than an hour, the boys finally made an appearance for about 15 mins. We couldn't hear what they said because my photos indicated they said a few words but the screaming was just too loud.

And then late lunch at the Grams Diner at The Loop (which is inside the studio compound) to watch the boys' guesting at E-Live, an entertainment talk show. After our meal, I went home to wait for their appearance at Pinoy Dream Academy, a reality talent show. The boys did not disappoint me when they did a duet live. It was my first time to see them perform live and now I look forward to more.

The following day Sunday, I was able to attend their Meet and Greet with the ABS-CBN folks through the kindness of my former officemate and friend, Dennis who's talent, OJ Mariano was asked to be a guest in the event. After the event, we had the chance to literally chase Chun and Calvin all over Manila as they did a quick tour of Luneta Park, Rizal Monument, Bay Walk and the CCP complex. It quickly dawned on me that my fangirl shoes never did any car chase in its home court! This was actually the first time as I usually run all over Taiwan and Hongkong.

Last stop was at Serendra, the hippest place in Manila today. While the boys had dinner at Abe, we had our dinner just across the restaurant at A Different Bookstore. I realized that I can still eat without blinking and looking at my food as my eyes were glued to Abe's door for any signs of activity.

We were hoping to get one last photo with the boys, but they were just too tired (or already had a few rounds of drinks...hehe) and dragged away by their security team. Nevertheless, Chun's very endearing "sorry" was enough to cap an otherwise fun weekend.

Which made me only so eager to get to Tokyo for the F4 Concert! I heart these boys unconditionally...

For the rest of the photos, head on out to and

And for videos, posted my unartistic video clips at the following youtube links:

Saturday, July 5, 2008

One Year and 5 months...

Is what it took for me to finish one book!

The saga started in February 2007 when I brought the book with me on a trip to Singapore. 5 trips and 4 countries later, I finally finished it.

Sad and pathetic...

Because I used to finish one paperback within 24 hours...8 hours if it is a James Patterson book.

Not because the book is not good. It was actually...but...

I guess a lot of things distract me now in my enjoyment of reading. Probably the busy work schedule, the even busier fandom activities, maybe the travels or the addiction to the internet and the onset of blogging?? Or ALL of the above!!

Despite this, I will continue to buy books. I will keep them in my shelf until the day that my feet gets tired of chasing my idols, or i have already travelled to my satisfaction or my back could not stand sitting up and typing stuff on my blog or ALL of the above. =)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Happy Purple World!!!

A happy purple world to all! I was surprised to see that I already have gone over the 1,000 mark for visitors. Isn't it the coolest?

Keep coming back friends! And wouldn't it be good to comment and chat in here?

Maraming salamat! Thank you! Arigato gozaimashita! Xie xie ni! Terimah Kasih! Kansamhamnida! Shukran!