Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wu Chun's and Calvin Chen's Stalkers!

********photo taken down as requested by an anonymous comment************

It is a quiet weekend for me and as I was scrounging around for photos of what to blog about, I stumbled on this one sent by fellow fangirl Eve.

These girls were what remained after that hectic weekend of Chun's and Calvin's visit. The boys had dinner at Abe in Serendra. As they ate, we had dinner and waited by the fountain. It was funny because we were all posed to try and have one last photo and that space in front was supposedly for them. =) Too bad we did not succeed...

But it was still a weekend to remember. I can't wait for September to roll along so I can shop for anything and everything Feilunha in Shanghai. =)

Again, thanks to Eve for the pic.


pochie said...

Uy! isa lang nisend ni Eve? Marami pa yan diba? Heheheh... Pasend din!

Anonymous said...

Ay. Can you please take down the photo? *Buking!*

GIGI said...

I would imagine you are one of the girls in the pics. Sige, will take it down. I would appreciate it if you leave your name when you comment next time.