Thursday, July 23, 2009

Staring at My Purple Desk...

Sitting in my office, yearning... yearning for my next plane ride... hahaha!

Since I will be stuck in Manila behind my desk for the next few months, I decided to share what I am staring at.... more purpleness!

Of course the muse of this photo is that yummy cupcake with purple icing from Sonja's cupcake in Serendra (sorry couldn't find an official website). I love this cupcake! But again, I cannot indulge all the time because of 'ye 'ol blood sugar.

Maybe when my sister Teng comes home in September. =)


Anonymous said...

ate gi...this is somewhat similar to my desk too! but with a different shade naman.. pink! :D

GIGI said...

i would think that your desk would be pink. hehe..

Charlie said...

I love how the photo has a slight purple tint to it!

That's a lot of purple stuff. I've just discovered some interesting cupcakes we have here. The topping is thick and solid, it's almost as if the soft cake is the topping!

GIGI said...

Thanks CHARLIE! I also love how the photo came out. My blackberry seem to take decent photos but awful videos.

Speaking of cupcakes, I wish I could indulge more often but I have to be a good girl. Hehe..