Friday, October 16, 2009

Pan de Purple

Many will wonder... a purple bread?

Yours truly was of course ecstatic when I was given this pack by my sister-in-law Pam. In the Philippines, the bakeries of old have a staple bread variety we called "pan de regla" because the middle part of the bread is/was red. There are fewer and fewer of them who make these bread and in recent years, the middle part of the bread has become purple! Why? I have no idea. :)

The taste is not that fantastic. It's not too sweet and it is usually soft. But I love it and has loved this since I was young! And now I've rediscovered where to get my fix.

Oh and I have renamed it pan de purple. I even told the sales girls at Oven Maid (the bakeshop who makes them) that I call the bread pan de purple. And they don't seem to mind.

And the price? Per pack it costs Php 20.00 or roughly 50 US cents! What a steal! I can't wait for my next trip to my hometown in Paranaque for my next pan de purple stockpiling. Anyone care to try it? :)


pochie said...

penge! tried na yan dati i just can't remember where I bought it.. lol...

Charlie said...

I can't imagine eating bread like that, though it looks a bit like marble cake which I can eat.

Though that is cheap for bread! We only get bread that cheap if it's about to go mouldy and the shop wants to get rid of it.

GIGI said...

OCH, i'll have to ask Pam to buy some for me or when I go back to Amity this weekend.

CHARLIE, hahaha! Weird color for bread right? And yes it is sooo cheap! I laughed at your comment about the mouldy cheap bread. Hahaha!