Thursday, October 18, 2007

An 80's Artifact

Look at what I found in my shoe cabinet! It's an old pair of espadrilles circa 1980's. I, of course, kept it because it's purple and in those days this color on anything is hard to come by (I did say that earlier right?).
I also realized that espadrille is a french word..and after all these years, the product is made mostly in Bangladesh. Huge credit to wiki for these tidbits of information. I was just so happy to see it and wear it once more. The quality of the pair is still intact. I thought the rope sole would give way once my not so light body weight mass steps on it but lo and behold! It stayed exactly as I found it.
Now I have to remember to wear it at home. Big danger if I wear it outside and then it rains! And I wonder, does anyone except for citizens of Catalonia and spanish europe still wear this? It was a huge hit in the Philippines back in the 80's. We would even buy several pairs of different colors and brag about our latest buy during no uniform fridays in high school. You could say that it was the "havaianas" of the 80's in its popularity.
Great timing! It's almost my high school class reunion...


Anonymous said...

I love espadrilles. Dont you have any picture with it? Can you send it to me?

GIGI said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I don't think I have a scanned photo of me wearing the shoes. Where are you from?

Carlos said...

I´m from Brazil.
Do you still have the shoes?

GIGI said...

Hi Carlos from Brazil! Yes, I still have the shoes. If I time this weekend I will wear the shoes and take a photo. These past couple of years I am into Havaianas. I posted a picture of my little collection somewhere here. Great to have you visit my blog! :)

Carlos said...

thanks a lot. I will love toreceive the photo.
I have a great collection of woman using espadrille and I cant wait to receive yours. Do you have any other espadrille?
So you like havaianas, what number do you use? since they are made here in Brazil maybe i can find a purple one to send to you as a gift.

GIGI said...

Sorry Carlos, I only have that one espadrille. I actually want to have the wedge type espadrille (of course) in purple but I could not find one here in Manila. Maybe when I make to Spain in the future.

I wear a size 40 and wow, you do not have send me a gift though I would always welcome a new purple havaianas for my collection.

By the way, I have not had a chance to take a photo coz I was busy putting up our Christmas decors.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my other posts.