Monday, October 15, 2007

The View Before I Go To Sleep

Every time I lie down on our bed, the view that I see before I fall asleep would be my purple cabinet. I just love the purpleness of it. The rest of my bedroom is painted white except this portion. The top most cabinet houses my luggage. The cabinet on top of the TV is my bag haven. For a woman, I have a pretty small closet. I even share this with my husband. So every year, I am forced to sort through my stuff and let go of items that I have not used and/or don't need. For someone who lives in a birdcage (what I call my one bedroom flat), it has become a necessary evil for an original pack rat like me. But here's a secret, hiding under our bed are boxes of stuff that won't fit anywhere yet in the birdcage.

One day that TV is going to be plasma. *Runs off to add to wish list*

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