Friday, May 30, 2008

Dubai Surprises

Being new to the middle east, I knew nothing of it except that its landscape is mainly desert. What surprised me was the beauty of the architecture not only of the buildings but the homes as well. Mediterranean, yet retaining arabic and modern touches.

This photo is a shot of the Jumeirah part of the city which is my favorite of all areas so far. My thoughts as I rode the bus one of my bored days here is that "I could live here"...oh no! hahahaha!!!

The next surprise is food. I have not tried much arabic food but I discovered that I like most of them like falafels, kebabs and the yummy variations of rice. I am not a fan of lamb but there are always variations of dishes in beef or chicken.

And if you get tired of Arabic food, this place is also haven of other kinds of food as well. One good restaurant is The Noodle House ( which is part of the Jumeirah brands. The food is asian fusion and the service fabulous. Try their Chicken Sweet and Sour, the Crab Fried Rice and the Spicy Shrimp. Yum!!

Last but not the least of course is the shopping. Dubai is shopping heaven!! Period!! For girls like me who are Asians but not Asian in measurements, Dubai is a place where we can max out ye 'ol credit card and still feel good. I've shopped all over Asia and the best I could find are shoes. But in Dubai, I can find everything from underwear, trousers, tops, blouses, you name it they have sizes for girls like me.

Aside from all the branded items, Dubai now has Dubai Outlet Mall where I could buy branded stuff for 1/3 of the price in regular malls. Needless to say I went crazy.

The running list:

6 pairs of shoes
5 pairs of trousers
6 blouses/tops
a bunch of underwear
a purple tankini (at last!)
a purple watch

5 more days before I go back home...I dare not think what else I would find.


pochie said...

you're doomed! di ka mashado nagshopping talga. LOL...

Dalawin kita pag tumira ka jan... libre mo ko :D

lisa said...

Try the dim sum too - Dubai actualy has much better options than you might have thought. These are the best two..