Monday, May 26, 2008

Why Dubai?

Going for my first ever long holiday (defined as 15 days or more), I've decided long ago that I would go to Dubai, United Arab Emirates first. Many would wonder why Dubai when there are a lot more interesting places to visit and spend my hard-earned money.

I only have one reason and its because of these guys who I miss dearly. Yes they come home to Manila once a year but its very different to be with them in a place they've called home for several years now.

My sister came to Dubai 5 years ago while my brother 2 years ago. They have built careers for themselves which I am sooo proud of. With my parents gone and being the eldest, I am privileged to be the recipient of their generosity to see the best of Dubai and the other Emirates.

I also got a glimpse of how they live and met the people that they work and play with. I've had several suprises which I will post later.

Of course icing on the cake was seeing the desert for the very first time. Standing with my loved ones in the vastness of these red dunes was an experience of lifetime.

Would seeing snow for the first time be next? :-)


pochie said...

So ano feeling ng desyerto? Hahahaha.... :D

GIGI said...

Different kind of high. The sand is not as hot as I thought. Pwede ka maglakad. Powdery.