Saturday, June 28, 2008

Highlights of Dubai Holiday Part 3 (Final)

There are 2 major highlights of my Dubai holiday that will wrap up my long-winded posts - the texture of the city and the people that made the trip more fun!

Like I mentioned a couple of posts back, one of the surprises that I had was how beautiful, modern yet retaining its arabic influence, the city is. Aside from Ibn Batuta Mall, I also will not forget Mercato with its meditteranean facade.

I will also never forget Dubai Creek which is the backdrop of the city's character. Like any great city, the creek is the lifeblood of Dubai. It always made me feel a tinge of despair that my own country's Pasig river is actually dead. I loved my abra (arabic for thid little boat) that ferried people from Bur Dubai to Deira and back.

I was intrigued with this cruise boat and promised myself to take a cruise in the creek next time.
Despite its smallness, the Dubai Museum is a must stop for any tourist. To me, what was awesome was how this city is serious about growth despite the short history it has as a city and economic force in the region. No wonder many nationalities would want to ride that wave of determination and settled in Dubai.

And the trip won't be as memorable if not for the people that I have met. It was my first time to meet anyone from Bosnia. Elmir and Sabina were fun dune bashing mates. We had a great time exchanging bits and pieces about our countries' culture.

I will never, ever forget my one and only interaction with a guy in a kandura. Fahd was our source of irritation when he picked us up from the mall. But he turned out to me full of adventure and thus fun.

The friends of Tatsi also added color to the already colorful trip. I was happy to see Hilary (formerly Rona) married anew and settling happily with her new husband. I was happy to see Ann again after our first meeting in Manila last December.
Kathy is also one of my sister's kookiest friends. I was happy to see her in both nights that we were drinking at Jebel Ali Club. May katawanan at kakulitan.

I will also never forget the day I spent with Anne, who used to be with me in my F4 escapades. I have not seen her in two years and I'm happy that she's alright despite missing the Philippines and wanting to leave the UAE.

Last but not the least, is Richard (aka Kitty Kach). He was so kind to bring me around Bur Dubai and become my photographer despite the 110 degree heat! I will never forget our lunch at the Orient (tama ba?) restaurant with the Pinoy menu.
Well, that's it. My purple world has widened and in fact, has mixed with other vibrant colors this time around. I am now focusing on my next destination. More of that in the next couple of months. Back to grind and scrimping...scrimping...

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