Sunday, August 3, 2008

And I thought I did not buy purple stuff in Dubai...

I did buy a few! From the top..

I bought that Indian flats after my Bur Dubai adventure with our friend Richard. It's a very comfortable pair and I've worn it a couple of Fridays at the office.

I love my bedroom slippers from Ikea. It was actually my arrival gift from Tatsi and wears like a pair of socks.

Now that watch... took me a couple of days to decide to buy. It is actually not very expensive but I saw it when I was just a few days away from going home which means I am running out of cash! Hahaha!! So a couple of days before I left for Manila I bugged my brother Denver to walk with me (and it was a long mall walk..sorry Daddy Dab) to Aldo Accessories to get this piece. My brother was so astounded because he thought I was mulling over something very expensive.

Those decorated jewelry box and pencil case are exquisite finds. I love them because they are unique and has that touch of Arabic design. They were on sale so I did not have any 2nd thoughts of buying. Also on sale were those nice purple jewelry accessories.

And will Gigi travel anywhere without buying notebooks? Never happened yet. That gorgeous bundle of paper was from Borders and now I realized is one of the most expensive thing that I bought during that trip. It's the Thai silk material I guess...

And the last thing I bought was a bunch of souvenirs and that refrigerator magnet was one of them. It was just so cute that I had to buy alternative items because I hogged my own souvenir from someone who was supposed to receive them. =) If that was not a case of purple desperation, I don't know what is it.

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