Sunday, March 29, 2009

Missing the Shanghai Winter...

They said it's officially the first week of Spring, but the week I spent in Shanghai did not feel like spring at all with 43 degF weather. And do I miss it!!

The minute we got out of the airport yesterday, the 90+ degF Manila heat enveloped me. I suddenly had colds from the change of weather. And did not want to leave the comfort of my aircondition at home to do any chore but being away, I just had to do go sweat it out at the grocery.

I remembered that long walk we did at East Nanjing Road in the middle of the day and though it was tiring, I was not soaked in sweat. I couldn't imagine doing that here even under the shades of buildings of Ayala Avenue, the main business street in Makati where I work.

Well as the song goes "back to life, back to reality"...

Note: Posting photo links soon!

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