Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Must Be Love...

I should have been uploading and blogging about my latest trip to China.

I should have been studying my Nihonggo lessons.

I should have been working.

But all I did the past week since the Holy Week holidays was watch, stare, drool and spazz over.. KIM HYUN JOONG.

I watched his We Got Married stint (30 episodes!) twice. I googled and read everything I can on him. Watched everything that I can on youtube and everywhere else.

So I guess this must be love..again.

Ahhhh, I'm a hopeless fangirl. Falling for the smile of this beautiful boy and his witty charm.

To know more about Hyun Joong, check out

And to know more about We Got Married which is a variety show that paired celebs to pretend they were married, check this out

Oh and did I mention that this adorable boy is multi-talented as well? He acts and was just in the hit tv drama Boys Over Flower. He sings and is a member of the group SS501 (read double s 501). He dances (I won't go into how sexy and good he dances here). He plays the guitar. And has his own special way of folding paper cranes...

Not posting links to the above. Go search him out for yourselves.


irene said...

why does it seem to me i am the only girl not swooning over this boy?! the bug will get to me, the bug will get to me!

GIGI said...

Oh no many more have not yet discovered the beauty of Hyun Joong. Don't worry you won't know the bug has hit until you notice black circles under your eyes! Hahaha!