Thursday, June 11, 2009

Purple Hunting!

I was in a management meeting last Monday when my friend Norman texted me and told me about the Purple Hunt promo of Yahoo Philippines ( I was booked the whole day and was dying to see what the purple fuzz was all about.

Finally, I managed to register for the promo. Keeping in mind that I need to get to one of the malls soon. The opportunity came the next day. I had to attend a briefing on AH1N1 at the American Chamber of Commerce ( On the drive there, I was so happy that their office is right in front of Greenbelt Mall ( So right after the briefing, I took a quick detour and went to see the booth.

Of course you will not miss the booth as its purpleness was right smack in the lobby of Greenbelt 3. I asked how to join and they said if I had a printout of the registration (which I did..hehe) then I get to have a free purple donut and the rubics cube type key chain. Yes!!!

And then I was asked to play this game using this purple wall. I was supposed to find the drawing that I pick in 30 seconds and I get to win an item. The more I find, the nicer the prize.

My eyes were not as fast as it used to be... so I only won a cute purple post-it pad. The highlight of this promo is a raffle of a car with purple graffiti! I want, I want!!! I wish, I wish...

This little Honda Jazz ( is such a cutie that I had to take front and side shots. Can you imagine me speeding around Manila in this car? LOL! And then if you get assistance on how to use yahoo mobile on your blackberry, you get another giveaway, this time a purple lanyard! Woohoo!

I had so much fun in just a few short minutes. As soon as I got back to the office, I took a pic of my loot and munched my purple Krispy Kreme ( doughnut with a huge grin on my face.

Visit the Purple Hunt booths of Yahoo! Philippines until June 18th. Check out schedules at the website.


pochie said...

Ammffftttt! I saw na the Krispy Kreme ad eh... today lang ako nakapunta sa site.. have the tix na. just need to print it out and go to the booth.. hahahhaa :)

Charlie said...

That's a funky car! I didn't know Yahoo did that kind of promotion.

irene said...

ooooohhh totally missed it!! i could just practically faint with the purpleness of it all!