Saturday, January 23, 2010

Marathon Update # 1

It's been sooooo long since I updated my blog.  I missed it but I couldn't find the time to update since there are so many things that happened to your purpleness since early December.  So a mega-marathon of updates is in store for my blog friends.  Are you ready?  Here we go!

First off, the purpleness of my desk has moved to a new home last December 2009.  From my 39F tower of Rapunzel, I am now at an 11F office, though big but it has no windows and sooooo damn cold! :)

That glass door is now covered with a layer of film.

And my purple stuff?  Laid out nicely for everyone to see! :)

When laid out in my new desk, my purple stuff looked really nice and there's more space for new purple stuff! Haha!  That was one of the things that made me excited about the move. :)

I've settled in and aside from the often crossing from one office building to another, I like our street.  It is quiet and laid back.  There's more opportunity to walk to lunch at one of the yummy restaurants nearby.

Let's see how the room looks months/years from now.


Charlie said...

Your office looks similar to offices we have here - only you've got walls and so more privacy. Your purple items make it quite homely.

Is "Rapunzel" the name of the building or a reference to how tall the place was? Either way it sounds pretty cool.

Off topic, but I'm loving the world clock on the sidebar. I'm never able to work out what time it is where you guys are because of daylight saving changes here.

torre said...

Hi im new to blogging...just wnted to say tht purple is my favorite color...i love all of ur things ♥

GIGI said...

Hi Charlie! I'm sorry I've been away from my blog for soooo long. Just so busy with all that has been going on in my life this year. But thank you for your comment about my office. :D

Rapunzel is a reference to where I'm at -> the penthouse floor of the building. :D

GIGI said...

Hi torre! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have more purple stuff unpublished believe me! hahaha! But will try and update the blog some more as I have been remiss this year. I hope you come back to check out my new posts. :d