Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marathon Update # 2

So while I was getting stressed with the move to the new office, I was also busy with my new pursuit - Spinmanila.

Together with fellow fangirls, I joined Team Spinmanila with the objective of being professional fangirls.  We wanted to bring our favorite asian artists to Manila as well as the most coveted goods fangirls consider as must buys.

I have not experienced anything like it in the 8 years that I have been a fangirl.  The K-Pop convention that we attended to promote our webstore and sell merchandise was such a well attended event.  Aside from our goods being sold fast, I had such a great time meeting and chatting with fellow fangirls. 

Our flyer for the December 20th repeat of the sale.

Yes, the K-Pop Convention ( gig had a repeat performance last December 20th.  This time, it was only who organized the selling event.  Again, it wasn't such a bad day considering that it was only us there.

The site is now improved and the list of stocks on hand can be viewed.  Check it out fangirls!


Charlie said...

That sounds like such a good idea! Fans are always trying to get artists to do concerts etc but it doesn't work - but making it more official like you girls have would.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ate,
I'm Nana. My friend and I have been preparing for our first travel outside the county to watch a concert and I came to stumble upon your blog. We always wanted to do what you've been doing, seeing the world WHILE fangirling. haha. Kaya I took the courage to leave a comment here to ask for an advise regarding traveling abroad to fangirl (like how to get tickets, how to prepare for the trip, BUDGET =S). We are targeting SM TOWN in Shanghai this year and hopefully we can TOKYO DOME for an Arashi concert next year. Hope you could help us. We are so clueless.


GIGI said...

Charlie! Guess what? Aside from my day job, I now own a small company called Fangirlasia. We sell asian entertainment merchandise online and via events. That is why this year has been very busy!

GIGI said...

Hi Nana! thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy and excited that you are going to travel and fangirl. I have been doing that for years and it is soooo much fun! For Shanghai tickets, you may want to check out tickets via the chinese websites like piao (sorry forgot the url). For Arashi, I suggest you find a japanese friend who is willing to apply for membership with Arashi fan club. Tickets can only be bought via the FC. Otherwise, you will have to take your chances by searching for online sellers (which can be very expensive), go to Japan, stand somewhere at the train station with a sign asking to buy extra tickets or buy from the "dafuya" (scalpers) but this is very risky. :D