Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Indeed the season of giving...

My youngest sister Maria (Tatsi to her 9 nephews and nieces) came home for a month-long vacation from Dubai and one of the things she has planned is to do a gift-giving to the slum area near our community. She raised funds from her generous friends in Dubai which she used to prepare 500 bags of basic staples like rice, coffee, canned goods and noodles.

She enlisted the help of the whole Kamp (our pet name for the Dimaano family and relatives) from shopping for the goods to packing them assembly line style into individual bags and giving away claim tickets to each family in the squatter community she chose.

And finally on Sunday, December 21st, Tatsi rented a closed van, packed the whole Kamp into a couple of SUVs and we're off to distribute the goods.

The day was extra special since Kamp Braza Shanghai (our other Maria in the family and her husband Ramon and son Joshua though not in this pic) also flew in for the holidays. They were promptly recruited and were just so happy to help out.

The line was already long when we arrived. Tatsi, Ramon and our uncle Jolly took the front. My husband Butch, sister-in-law Pam and nieces Selina and Ysabela took the middle while my sister Teng and my nephews, Joshua, Spade and Juan took the rear.

Our youngest "volunteer" is only turning 3 years old. And what did I do? Took pictures, patrolled the immediate area to make sure only those with claim tickets get near the gift giving line.

It was such a humbling experience for all of us. It made us happy to be of help even with just this little thing and made us appreciate the many blessings that God has bestowed on our family.

It made all of us proud of our dear Maria Lourdes to have thought of doing this project. She was able to really bring the meaning of giving to each and every member of the family down to littlest member.

We hope that we could do more next year and do it together with our dear family members who are far away and who we miss so much.

From Kamp Braza (the children and grandchildren of Paterno Braza Dimaano and Erlinda Dimaano) to all the Kamps in the world, may you all be happy kampers this Christmas and for the rest of 2009.



norie said...

hi gigi, hapy new year! while reading your gift giving story, i can't help but to think how lucky you're parents for having children like you. i know, they were watching you while doing your good deed to the needy and they must be very proud of you. how i wish, there are other fortunate people/families who will share their blessing every christmas. am sure they will make so many less fortunate families happy too. may our good deed serves an inspiration to everyone. i am also touched on how you and your sibblings reunited this christmas. i would say that it was truly a happy and blesses christmas for you and your family.

Anonymous said...
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GIGI said...

Hi Ate Norie! Happy New Year too! And thank you, thank you for your comment. We miss our parents and everything we do we always think if it will be something they will be proud of. I hope that our love for family is passed on to the kids and their kids. That would be the coolest don't you think?

Hope to see you again soon.