Monday, December 1, 2008

Twilight, The Movie..Lessons from/because of/as a result of..

I had to add "the movie" because I have not read the book and will probably not read it just like the Harry Potter books. But the late bloomer that I am does not close doors because who know..2 or 3 years from now..:)

So anyway I went to see the movie today at Trinoma and here are some of the things that I have learned from watching the movie and events that lead me to watch it.

1. I have learned that husbands, the likes that thrive on action movies even the B-ones, may like and anticipate this kind of movie. I cannot forget the face of playmate Butch when he was watching the movie trailer the other day. I guess it's the "action" in what Edward can do in the movie that made him turn to me (a non-fan of the vampire genre) with pleading eyes and asking me if we can watch.

2. I have learned that as one grows a bit older, one's energy can get zapped after a trip to the supermarket and then on to the movies. So what better way to regain your energy than sleep and snore your way through the tons of trailers and commercials before the actual start of the movie! And don't forget to tell your movie partner to wake you up when the movie is about to start.

3. I have learned that Och, my best girl who went with us to the movies does not like the movie as much as the book because a lot of the girls who are crazy about the book were crazy about the movie as well. My fangirlfriends basically stalked the movie theater and watched more than once! I thought I was the only one who thought Edward was either constipated or drank animal blood turned bad for breakfast at that scene where they saw each other for the first time in class. Hahaha!

4. I have learned that I will never be cured of being a hopeless romantic and a sucker for plots that also portray strong family relations. Nevermind that I saw this nice touch in the movie with the Cullens. Concepts such as unconditional love, accepting who your family member loves as part of the family, and distance never becoming an issue as long as you reach out and talk to family members often - always top my list.

5. And finally I've learned that this sentence that I picked up from an email forward is so very similar to Bella's character (and to some extent mine) that the words kept repeating in my head especially after Bella said her last narrative in the movie.


"As I mature, I learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in." - author unknown

Of course the word "stalk" is taken under the context of hounding, bugging, begging (?), conniving, etc.


"I know what I want" (when Edward refused to turn her into a vampire).

I suspect without reading the rest of the books that Bella would do her best to stalk Edward to give in to what she wants.

And so in the spirit of hoping someone's object of affection gives in one day, I accompanied Och to the salon yesterday. Because my personal take on this matter is that one must look nice while one "stalks" because one must be ready if the object of one's affection does give in. Hahaha!

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Hihihi.. ang ganda ganda natin :)

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Truly! I love our hairstyles. =)