Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr. Shower Bug

I was taking a shower the other day when suddenly "thunk!", something fell on the floor. It was my shower bug!

I did not realize that the thing has been there since I moved to the birdcage. It was one of the earlier gifts of my boss from the US.

The poor thing's antennae broke and now it is back at work blaring sounds from the radio and telling time with a taped up antennae.

Another realization is that it is probably my most taken for granted, unappreciated purple possession. To think that if the bug could see and talk, it would tell everyone how I look naked! LOL! It would also tell everyone what I sing in the shower..oh well you all probably know I must sing japanese or chinese songs half of the words I don't understand. And of course, he will tell everyone that I sometimes strike up a conversation with the guy on the poster just opposite the shower stall (Kimura Takuya of SMAP!).

So to you my dear shower bug - sorry! gomenasai! dui bu qui! I will strive to keep you in good condition and make sure you have batteries and nicely stuck on the glass wall. Please continue to keep me company in one of the most mundane but necessary task in the world. :)

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