Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcoming 2009 with more purple!

Hello 2009! Hello new additions to MOPWORLD!

I received so many new purple stuff from family and friends. But these are a few of my favorite things. :)

Hello new beaded hanger, notebook, hi-tech pen and bag fab from Mayo. I absolutely love the hanger. And the ink pen that can be erased. That little notebook is a Print (brand) notebook whose "mommy" version is in my collection too.

Hello jibbets! I bought my purple crocs during my recent Japan trip and it only had one jibbet. But thanks to fellow purple person Ochie, my crocs now has a family.
Hello new tops, new bag and beauty stuff! Oh and I also love my new mobile pouch because it can now carry my two mobile phones. I've been wanting something like this to use for travel. Thanks to Ramon and Teng and Tatsi for the tops, Denver and Pam for the bag and my HR girls for the girly beauty stuff.

Though I would like to continue to put a little color in my life, additions to mopworld are always welcome with wide open arms.


pochie said...

Ang cute nung Hanger!!! :)

Happy New Year te gi! Miss na kita :)

GIGI said...

Oh yes, the hanger is one of the cutest!

Happy New Year too Och and miss you too!