Sunday, February 15, 2009

The most romantic guy in the world!

Feb. 13 evening, my nephew Spade (age 9) kept asking in hushed tones me and his Tito Butch to promise him something. The next day is Valentine's Day and he wanted to buy his mom flowers.

It was actually a bit difficult to do because we were bringing my sister Teng to the airport early and I had to go straight to my Nihonggo class. But what Spade wants to do just touched his aunt's (that's me!) purple heart so I agreed to be his accomplice.

The next morning, Spade woke up really early and was ready even before everyone. I whispered to him if he had money and he said he had enough. His mom thought he was just going to a 7-11 to buy his favorite slurpee. After dropping off his Mama Teng at the airport, we went in search of flowers.

It wasn't easy since it was 8:30am. But a determined boy is really blessed because we found some. He got his mom 6 white roses as white is his mom's favorite color. When we got home, he hid outside and asked that we wake up his mom. When his mom got to the gate wondering who was looking for her, Spade handed her the flowers and she promptly wept.

As I took this photo of the memorable occasion, I thought to myself that lucky would be his future girlfriend and wife. And lucky his folks as Spade is growing up knowing a lot of love.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it was sooooo sweet!

Charlie said...

That's so sweet! Indeed he'll make someone very happy one day.

GIGI said...

Hey Anonymous! I hope you'd leave your name. :)

Hey CHARLIE!! Thanks for dropping by. I hope all is well with you in cold UK.

Charlie said...

Hi Gigi,

Yeah, it's ok at the moment. We had snow (went from loving it in the morning to hating it by evening) but now it's quite sunny, if cold.

Read your comment about coming to the UK one day, awesome!

GIGI said...

CHARLIE! I hope I get to visit UK in a couple of years. I'll definitely look you up. Though I have a feeling I will probably see you in Taiwan earlier than we expect. Hehe..