Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New SMAP Concert DVD!!

I was sooo happy to see Mr. EMS (Express Mail Service y'all) a couple of weeks back. He came bearing the package I have been waiting for - SMAP's concert dvd!

Last Sept. 30, 2008 was the memorable day that I went to Tokyo to watch this concert that is now immortalized in a dvd. I can now re-live the fun, the excitement of seeing SMAP live again.

I picked the red SMAP shop version instead of the original concert theme of black, white and grey because I wanted to remember the SMAP shop which has opened during the Christmas holiday season in Asakusa, Tokyo. It is opened only on limited time and I've always wanted to go to one but unless I ditch my Kamp (I would be disowned by my siblings!), I won't be able to.

I have always been thankful that I am a fangirl. I've invested so much on it for pure escapism but the therapy works and I remain a happy girl.

And this will not happen if not for the generosity of my japanese friends Mayo and Minori. They braved the cold winter to line up at the store and make a trip to the post office just to make a girl thousands of miles away really, really happy.

Mayo to Minori, hontou ni arigato gozaimashita. Futari ga saikou desu!


Orenji said...


I've already pre-ordered the b/w cover dvd before news of the smap shop came out. Damn. I LOVE RED as you can see how I love Kimura too. Lol~

And that page from the photobook is my fav kimura picture in it. The second fave is a taku-tsu shot in there.....


now you can watch the dvd again and again.... =)

Charlie said...

Fangirling rocks lol, good times, and brings good friends. I'm not a fan of SMAP but I know what a privilege it is to see them.

GIGI said...

ORENJI!! I've watched it 3 times as of last count. Hahaha! And though I love purple, the red version is super nice.

So agree with your favorite Takuya shot. I absolutely love it.

CHARLIE!! Happy you are back on my blog. And yes, fangirling brings good friends. My love for Zaizai brought me you. Take care!

elaine said...

Hi! I'm a big fan of TK also and saw ur blog that you've bought their latest concert dvd. May I know where you bought it from? Coz I'm very interested to buy it coz i've been collecting their concerts for 10 years. really glad if you could help me out here. Please email me at ssheartbreak@hotmail.com Thanks alot!

GIGI said...

Hi Elaine! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I post something of Takuya every now and then.

Like I've also been collecting SMAP's concert dvds. I bought mine in Japan through a friend. This version is actually from the SMAP shop that opened on limited time in Omotesando, Tokyo. Otherwise you can buy the dvd online in cdjapan or hmv japan.