Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eeni, mini, mainimo!!

I've been wanting to post about this but I'm still lazy....lazy as ever. All I want to do is watch dramas from my tri-nation fandom. And this chart seem to represent what I am pre-occupied with except for my SMAP fandom which is another story altogether.

In 2003, I discovered Meteor Garden which led me to discover Vic Chou, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu and VanNess Wu.

In 2005, I discovered Hana Yori Dango which led me to discover Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun.

Last January 2009, I got on the Boys Over Flower boat which led me to discover Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.

I know I have it bad when I would watch something more than once. I think I have it reallly bad because right after watching BOF thrice, I dug out my MG dvd and started watching it again. I have a sinking suspicion that I will also dig out my HYD episodes soon after.

That bane of my existence "Youtube" also added fuel to the fire when people started posting videos comparing the 3 versions that led me to asking ME, who do you like best? My answer may change later (cop out! hahaha!) but at this very minute, here's what my heart tells me. From the bottom...

F1 - VanNess Wu vs. Hiroshi Abe vs. Kim Joon

Me - VanNess! Not because my love and support for him is unconditional because I do criticize his not so good performance but I still remember his Mei Tzuo after 6 years.

F2 - Ken Chu vs. Matsuda Shota vs. Kim Bum

Me - *wrestles with self* ..... Kim Bum!! But Ken is just a hair behind. Yi Jong is just too cute, the premise for his playboy character must have made it for me or is it his 1-2-3 move?

F3 - Vic Chou vs. Oguri Shun vs. Kim Hyun Joong

Me - *tears out hair*....*rolls on the floor thinking*... ahhhhh!!! it's a freaking tie between Vic Chou and Kim Hyun Joong. For Oguri Shun, I think the deal breaker is when Rui got into that priest outfit. It was totally horrible. Both Zaizai and Hyun Joongie (notice my affiliation with their nicknames? hahaha!) are first time actors in the drama but Zai's Hua Ze Lei and Hyun Joong's Ji Hoo are so good. In real life, their dry, quirky humor seem to be the same so to play the gentle and quiet characters that they played says a lot for their talent.

F4 - Jerry Yan vs. Matsumoto Jun vs. Lee Min Ho

Me - *screams*...*bites pen*...*walks around my little birdcage*...*tears out hair some more*... *gulps down more coke zeroes that I shouldn't be having at 1:00am*... both are arrogant enough, both are violent enough, both are handsome and gorgeous enough but it's Jerry Yan's Dau Ming Zi that still pulls me. I absolutely love Lee Min Ho's Gu Jun Pyo but Dau Ming Zi was dorkier when he had to be (I can still remember that little dance at the salon) and his love for Sancai seem to be unfaltering and unwavering.

So there! I finally bit the bullet and made my choice. The bottom line is that I love all 3 dramas. I love hugs and kissing scenes which HYD did not do much for me. I love how the friendship of the boys seem to be tested and MG and BOF showed that to me. The concept of being rich was just improved over time - rich, richer, richest is how I see it which is great.

The Taiwanese started the pan-Asian craze for this timeless love story. The Japanese showed they can do justice to a story from one of their own and the Koreans despite the tough act it followed raised the bar some more. Whoever will remake this story has a huge job at hand.

*Photo matrix credit goes to the one who beautifully made it and which I stole and forgot where. Let me know if its yours so I can properly credit. Du Bu Qi, Sumimasen, Mianhe.

Since then I have watched each and every work of Jerry Yan up to his latest Starlit.
I've seen each and every work of Vic Chou up to his currently airing Black & White (which is soooo good, worthy of a spazz another time).
Too bad Ken does not do dramas anymore but I've seen most of his acting work.
Except for Kung Fu Chef which I have not laid my hands on I've seen all of VanNess's work.
I've seen a lot of Matsujun's work and will be watching Smile soon.
I love many of Oguri Shun's work especially Hana Kimi and even bought his photobook.
I've seen Kim Hyun Joong's We Got Married reality show stint for I don't know how many times (damn youtube!)
And I'm looking forward to the work of the rest.

Fangirls are the original vampires....we never sleep! =)


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ate gi... have you seem this one?!

the fourth column is mainland china's group... lets see how they fair :)

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ay... 5th column pala..:)