Friday, May 1, 2009

Purple Loot from China

I was sooooo lazy the past couple of weeks! Yup, lazy all around. The only thing I was good for was staring at the computer screen and watch videos.

Until I realized that I have not posted my latest loot and new additions to the purple world. Now, this is not everything but like I said, I was lazy to take pics. I bought a purple leather belt (I'll post my belts next time) and a plum winter jacket too!

I was happy to find a new mobile phone. I saw this back in September last year but did not buy it because I was already broke. Six months later, it was still there! And marked down by 20%. I guess we were meant to be.

And everyone now knows that I am crazy about Uniqlo. Well, the Uniqlo store in Super Brand Malls in Shanghai did not escape my purple-wandering eye. Picked up another pull-over and a pair of socks.

And then while waiting for my brother-in-law Ramon get off work, we discovered Askul ( which carries anything and everything. There I found my first ever purple paper puncher! I picked up a couple of purple post-its as well. I'm gonna explore this website more and see if I learned from my Nihonggo classes.

And of course, accessories! Those wooden purple earrings sold by folks from Chinese Mongolia are just so unique. For RMB 5.00 (Php 35.00), they are already a steal. The purple crystal jade was unexpected because you don't see them all the time. So when we went back to the jade shops in Yu Yuan Gardens, I just had to grab it.

Sigh...I guess I'm off shopping for a while...until the next cool purple thing comes along! =)


Charlie said...

Oo, I love the bag!! Is it suede?

The earrings and jade are lovely too. I've never heard of jade being anything but green, interesting.

Congratulations on your birthday!! I apologise for not having commented earlier.

GIGI said...

Yes, it's suede Charlie. =)

I discovered that there are lavander colored jades..i also thought they are just green. We always learn new stuff don't we?

And thank you for the birthday greeting. I'm sure you were very busy.

pinksiren18 said...

wow ate gigi! di mo naman talaga love ang purple noh?! hehehe! my bestfriend would be so envious of you when she see's your stuff... love din kasi nun ang purple... anyway...nakakatuwa basahin mga entries mo, galing! :)

GIGI said...

Hey Julie! Thanks for dropping by. I-forward mo link ng blog sa best friend mo. I'd love to hear from fellow purple people. Hehe..
And I'm glad you enjoy my posts. Keep coming back!