Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obviously a McDonald's fan...

I was going over photos to blog about when I spotted this photo of me in McDonald's Hangzhou, China with my nephew Joshua clowning around (or should I say declaring me the devil?) behind me when a thought (or should I say a theory?) dawned on me... I seem to have a McDonald's photo in most if not all of my travels.

So I tested this theory and revisited my travel folders the past 5 years and here's the result of all that sleuthing..

2009 March
Hangzhou, China

2008 October
Yokohama, Japan
I remember that day Kana, my friend Satoko's youngest daughter demanded that we eat at McDonald's. Apparently she does not get to eat as often as she likes because okasan does not think it's healthy food. Smart mother..
2008 September
Shanghai, China
In the old town of Puxi (read Pusi) where nothing in the area of food is familiar, seeing this McDonald's was a blessing when we needed sustenance for a bout of shopping. I realized that the pink tote from St. Kitts and Nevis (oh somewhere in the Carribean..) does not do anything for my color..haha!
2008 June
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I died of laughter when I saw this because all the while I thought - no I missed out in Dubai! But no, not true. Trust my brother's friend Richard to take a pic wherever we stopped that day he picked me up at 7am to ride the bus and explore Bur Dubai and the Dubai Museum with me.

2007 November
I think this is the cutest of them all!

2007 October
Taipei, Taiwan
And no, we were not posing just because it's a McDonald's. This was the McDonald's were the last scene from the famous Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden was filmed. What can I do? I'm hopelessly a fangirl..
2007 June
Bangkok, Thailand
The most unique of all that I've been to. This one I did ask my Ena, my staff who travelled with me to take a photo of me and Ronald greeting everyone "sawadeeka".

2005 December
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
No photo from the exterior of the store, but the evidence is on the table. No doubting where me, Ochie and our Malaysian friends were.

2005 August
Fukuoka, Japan
And lastly, this photo from Fukuoka. My fellow geisha Vic took this photo to remind us that we were running out of money and can only afford a McDonald's meal. We were there to see SMAP's concert but did not realize that when the Japanese says their store is on sale..they really mean sale!!
All this talk about McDonald's is making me hungry. I wonder if someone delivers at 4am?? =)


pochie said...

McDo rocks! Ay, gusto ko rin makita yung sa Thailand! and Dubai =D.... the best yung sa TW! awww.. memories.. ahehehhe..

at.. McDo ang bumubuhay saten sa mga travels natin.. hehhee

pochie said...

ay.. at naisip ko lang... na eto ng mga pics mo sa McDo ang souvenir mo sa mga travels mo... =D.. remember when mommy Pam said na maguwi tayo ng something from McDo pag nagtra-travel tayo since palagi tayo nagma-McDo..

hmmm.... may SG McDo kaba? hahaha

GIGI said...

I guess pics na lang ng Mcdo all over the world ang isa sa mga souvenirs ko. But really the best yung Taiwan.

Now I have to go back to HK and SG to get my McDo pic taken. Ang gastos na hobby neto ah! hahaha!

Charlie said...

Wow, the number of places you been to in that time is awesome enough!! I like how you took a photo at each of them.

We have barely any references to Ronald McDonald here anymore, it seems he's been forgotten.

GIGI said...

Hey Charlie! You mean when I go to the UK someday I won't get to take a pic? Or is just the reference to Ronald McDonald's that is missing but the stores are still there? *hits forehead for being stupid today* LOL!

Charlie said...

You'll be able to take a picture, yep :) It's the Ronald McDonald himself we're lacking, we've just got Justin Timberlake references. Sorry for the mix up, I didn't explain myself properly.

GIGI said...

It's ok Charlie. Not your fault. I was a bit slow. But Justin Timberlake for McDonald's is also interesting.=)