Monday, March 24, 2008

The Only Pink Thing in MOPWORLD... my pink elephant, BENBEN.

I am not into plushies and stuffed toys. Much more so PINK! Nothing against the color but it's just not me. I've always seen purple stuffed toys but I never bought nor was given one even when I was younger. I'm just not the kawaii (cute) type I guess

Benben came to my life last Christmas. The way I had him was fate...shukumei...I attended the Christmas party thrown by my boss and won Benben during the exchange gift. My initial reaction when I saw him was blah! I was even contemplating on getting rid of a recycled gift...donation to the needy children...whatever.

But as he sat there on the headrest of our bed, he found his way into our (me and Butch) hearts and became our baby. I would shout his name the minute I enter our bedroom. What do they say about pink elephants? Something obvious that nobody wants to talk about....

Obviously there is a spot somewhere in my heart for a cute little pink elephant named Benben and i'm talking about it to the world.

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