Monday, March 10, 2008

Patience is a virtue.... what I wrote in this little white board that I found one day a couple of weeks back.

I was so stressed out with my work load, was starting to have a headache with all the noise that protesters and rallyists were making 39 floors below and couldn't concentrate anyway so I went out for a walk.

I found myself at the Office Warehouse (, an office supply store in a nearby building. I was looking at purple pens and spotted this white boards on one of the top shelves. What's cool about this little board is that not only does it have a spot for my purple white board marker which I found during my Bangkok trip last year, it actually is magnetized! So it is now stuck perfectly right in front of me on the side of the filing cabinet.

One of my staff once asked me what I feel when I get new things to add to my collection...and I instantly answered that it's like Christmas. I mentioned this before already.

And when its Christmas, you feel joy at any little gift that you get. In my own purple world, I always feel like I was given a special gift when I found something purple that I don't have or when people around me do. It regenerates all - a lot of the patience that I need everyday.

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