Saturday, August 30, 2008

Attempting the Impossible...

I am one of those who have crossed the great fandom divide and love both SMAP and F4 or F4 and SMAP. It was unthinkable before for these two groups to share the same space and time. SMAP is from Japan, superstars, unreachable. F4 is from Taiwan, newer to the scene, phenomenal.

But after F4 guested on SMAP's long running TV show SMAPXSMAP, all thoughts of them intersecting was shot to the heavens and well I went with the shot to heaven. LOL.

F4 is having their concert run in Japan and the avid fan that I am wants to go. But my world again was turned upside down when SMAP announced that they will be having their live concert run more or less on top of F4's run dates.

A fangirl must do what a fangirl must do. Watch both. I have waited a long time for the chance to see SMAP again. A long time to have the chance to go back to Japan.

And so I am attempting something which I thought was impossible. I am in the process of twisting and turning to make things happen. And I hope that all the gods will be with me again.

Kamisama mo ichido onegai shimasu...


Mai-chan said...

..SMAP POWER!!! ...SMAP Aishiteru!!

irene said...

Good Luck!!

GIGI said...

MAI-CHAN!! Hai, hai! SMAP aishiteru!

IRENE, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the good luck wish. I need it!! Broke na ako pagbalik ko. But I will definitely blog about it.

Anonymous said...

jia you!!
haha, your post made me laugh. from what country are you? i think it's more of a blessing they had closer concert dates so your trip to Japan will all be worth it.

GIGI said...

Hello my new anonymous friend! I'm glad I made you laugh. Try my other just might like it. Hahaha!

I am from the Philippines so it is not that easy to just pack my bags and fly to Japan. That is why I need to do a lot of twisting and turning. I'll know by Monday.

Thanks for dropping by and keep coming back and commenting.=)