Monday, August 25, 2008

Beijing, Beijing, Wo Ai Beijing

Time does fly when you're having fun. I was working long hours the past couple of weeks and my only therapy to tone down after 12 or 14 hour days was watch olympic games. I enjoyed the volleyball, swimming, diving, some tennis, some basketball and some athletics.

After the closing ceremony which by the way is another fabulous production, I will miss the Olympics and wish London the best of luck in 2012. Beijing would be a tough act to follow.

And just like the opening ceremony, there are images that I will remember forever in my mind but most especially the tower of memory that kept me ooohhing and ahhhing as the human tower formed itself into many things.

Not only images, but now and most of the world who watched the number where Rain from Korea and Wang Lee Hom from Taiwan sang together with other Chinese performers, we can hum this tune that is my last song syndrome for the day... Beijing, Beijing, wo ai Beijing...


pochie said...

binanggit mo si rain! AHAHAHHAA :D

GIGI said...

eh silang dalawa lang ang kilala ko ano! hahahaha!