Saturday, August 9, 2008

Awesome Opening Ceremony

The Beijing Olympics had an awesome, awesome opening ceremony. Many may disagree but in my lifetime of watching Olympic games, this one held me in awe the most. I was just facing the tv but my mouth was wide open as if i was in the Bird's Nest stadium.

The richness of the Chinese culture was utilized to the max and paired with the latest in technology, the result was an astounding show. The fireworks alone left no doubt that China is one of the best in lighting up the sky. They lighted up a whole city!!

This is my favorite part of the ceremony. Li Ning, running on air towards the olympic torch and chasing the scroll as it opens.

Kudos to the Chinese Olympic Committee and most especially, the citizens of the the People's Republic of China. The many years of effort and preparation paid off. I can't wait for the closing ceremony. =)

Photo courtesy of Xie xie ni!

One world, One Dream!!!

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pochie said...

Agree! It was an awesome awesome opening =)