Friday, January 25, 2008

21 Hours in Ximending Red Square

This was my view. For 21 hours. From 12am of January 20 up to 9pm. I was only in Taipei for 48 hours and spent almost half of it on this square...sleeping, sitting, eating, chatting and chatting some more.

This stage was at Ximending Red Square where the F4 Album Stamping session was held. Right after the mini concert in Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf, we all trooped to this square to start vigil for another event.

And if I felt like a rolling pin during the mini concert, I now knew how it felt to be a homeless person sleeping on the pavement with newspapers and plastic mats for mattresses.

We had a perfectly good and comfortable hotel room but in our quest to get tickets to the album stamping, this is what he had to do. The objective is very simple - keep the spot and the distance from the stage in sight!!! We cannot allow anyone to come between our spot and the coveted stage. We already imagined how we were going up the stage, speak to each boy, practiced what we were going to say and NOTHING is going to stop us from that objective. Never mind if we were all asked to stay awake in the middle of the night to wait for the stamp from a very rude Sony BMG staff that confirms we will get a number to get up on stage. Never mind if some of the girls had to run from the hotel to the square in their pajamas and sleep wear just to get the stamp. Never mind if some of the girls hasn't slept a wink since they've been queuing since Friday. Like I said NOTHING is going to get in the way of the girls to the boys that has dominated their lives for the past 5 years.

The tenacity and determination paid off though. Everyone had their special moment with each member of F4. They were just seconds. But I still relished the words exchanged, the smiles, the handshakes (next time I'm gonna get me hugs!).

Jerry - you were oh so careful in stamping that it does not smear the edges. When I said we miss him in Manila, he stopped for a second, looked at me and asked "Oh so you're from the Philippines?".

Zaizai - you were great. you even stamped the new version of your solo album even if the buzzards around you were saying no. Your eye contact encouraged me to get the booklet stamped.

Vanness - dude, you were too fast with them stamps! But I won't miss you for the world so even if you were done, I had to tell you that next time you should try purple. I loved it when you said "I've always wanted to do that". That's the best thing to say to someone who lives the color.

Ken - I was speechless with you. It was my first time to come face to face and eye to eye with you and Vanness. I was only able to say finally I've met you.

So to you godfathers of Taiwanese boybands (credit: Vanness Wu), Xie, xie nimen for making it all worth it.


pochie said...
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pochie said...

Huwaah! wala lang... :D

the Godfathers of Taiwanese boybands indeed :D..

Namiss ko ata sila bigla.. mwehehee