Sunday, January 27, 2008


Despite my pre-occupation with F4 these days, I still got a big kick out of the omiyages (presents, pasalubong) of my Japanese friends who I see everytime there are F4 events. They knew that aside from F4, I am crazy about SMAP particularly Kimura Takuya.

So my luggage going home has become heavier with the addition of the above. My friend and I were exchanging emails and commenting that Jerry Yan and Kimura Takuya seem to have similar hairstyles these days.

I also loved my cd of Happy, Happy SMAP. The non-song sounded really happy. And I love the deck of cards from the Happy SMAP store that was in Omotesando Hills in Tokyo during the Christmas holiday season.

These fan events has now led to some sort of reunion of friends. I kept bumping into fellow fans like soldiers at war. We would hug each other and reminisced about past events like soldiers telling war stories. We would exchange presents which usually are goods that one could not get from their home country.

I realized that if I go to Japan, I would have friends who will meet me and help me get around. Just because of fandom. The same will happen if I go to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hongkong. Sending SMS messages when there are news and rumors has now become global for me.

My world has actually gone smaller and my network of friends wider. This has got to be the profit from all those hours invested in fandom.

And I ain't complaining! Nope, no complaints from me at all. :-D

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