Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Additions to MOPWORLD!

Like I said in my earlier post, my Japanese friends are just love! Aside from my fangirl omiyage, they also feed my passion for purple. Look!!!

How could I use that cute lavander Burberry towelette? My sweat does not deserve such luxury..hahahaha!
And that purple feather pen!! How adorable can it be?!

Not to be outdone is that purple ballpen that has a cute bling on top. Guess what? It lights up when you write! Cool beans right? :-D

Everytime I receive purple gifts from friends, I sound like a little kid. Damn right, I am like a kid. It's always like Christmas for me. The joy will always be the same. It's not the color per se because that is a given in my world but it's the thought that someone has bothered to remember the color and!

Arigato gozaimashita Mayo and Minori! *bow*


pochie said...

ay... super can relate....

pag dito sa ofc me nagbibigay ng omiyage, I get the purple ones.. I don't need to ask... Pag-abot saken, purple na... hahhaah :D..

hang sweet diba!

GIGI said...

yup! the sweetest thing. not only that I often get text messages of where purple can be found because friends saw it and remembered me. Like the phone I liked sa trinoma...8k plus daw..mwehehehe