Sunday, January 6, 2008

And the winner is...

HO CHI MIN CITY, VIETNAM!!!! Wooohooooo!!!

Btw, I hope everyone had a great start with 2008. I did not. Was pestered by a painful headache that had me visiting the hospital during the first week of the year. But I'm fine now and went to work over the weekend to catch up. Whew!

To all purple friends of MOPWORLD who voted for Ho Chi Min as my next destination, thank you so much - there were 4 of yah!!! Cool beans!! It was decided that I will visit Ho Chi Min with playmate Butch towards the end of 2008 for some serious Christmas shopping.

Jakarta, Indonesia was a good choice. Thanks to the 2 of you who voted. Maybe Ochie and I can squeeze this in??? And Shanghai is still on the list but maybe next year..also thanks to the lone voter.

Well, that's it for my first poll. After the holiday mayhem its back to work and back to regular blogging for MOPWORLD. And of course I will share tons of new purple stuff that I have collected over the season. Such excitement!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll be back tomorrow!

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