Monday, February 4, 2008

CDs and more cds...

I will probably need a bigger birdcage someday...if I keep buying cds and dvds.

Despite the quickie trip to Taipei last month (time flies when you're drowning in work!), my friends and I stumbled into a store just next block to Ximending Red Square.

Aside from the F4 album that I was specifically there for, I also bought the new version of Zaizai's album because the dvd of the October 2007 mini concert event was released with this album..and I was there! The photo booklet inside this album is what Zaizai was kind enough to stamp during the 20 Jan event. Sono otoko wa honto yasashii desu ne. Sigh...

And of course, it has become a habit (a very expensive one) to buy something of SMAP to add to my collection. This time I got the overseas vcd version of Live Amigos. What I love about this concert is the acoustic segment especially the duet of Kimura Takuya and Katori Shingo "Hito Eki Aruko". That was absolutely fantastic! On hindsight, I also should have gotten the Su Live vcd. Next time, next time!!

And finally, Soler. Ah...Soler. Their X2 album is also on constant play in my Ipod. I just fell in love with their music. And more so because the album has an English and Chinese set. I love the vocal harmony of the twins. I was just wishing to hear them play live when I realized that I did! At the MTV Concert in Taichung last October 2007. I remembered that I was very impressed although I did not catch their group name then. It was only that one time I was channel surfing when I stumbled on them featured on Channel V that I found out about them and a bit more.

So now the question is what's next? Definitely I know that I won't stop. Not yet anyway. :-D I am now itching to start collecting Wax's album (the perils of tri-nation fandom!!!). Well, time to start thinking of getting a bigger birdcage then..hahahaha!

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