Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bikers Would Cringe...

I'm definitely sure of it! When they see this lady riding in tandem wearing a.....PURPLE helmet!!!

Last December, I bought my husband a Suzuki 150cc motorbike. Despite several invitations for me and him to ride on weekends, I told him I'll only ride if and when I already have a purple helmet. He has been so frustrated since coz he couldn't find one. I, of course, naturally thought that no one in their right minds would make a purple helmet that is why I was so brave to make that statement.

Well me and my big mouth... We were off to do our grocery shopping. We had to go to this part of the mall that we hardly ever go to because playmate (aka husband) wanted to look at cellphone batteries. On the way there, both of us were stopped when we spotted this store that sells riding helmets. So I was nonchalantly just looking around when I heard the big question "do you have a purple helmet?" and the sales guy goes "not sure Sir". I let out a relieved sigh.

But then I turned my head to the other side of the aisle that I was blocking and lo and behold, there it is. So I kept quiet and just stood there. Unfortunately for me, the sales guy went past me and said "oh here's one and its the only one in the store"! Drats!!!! Next thing I knew I was carrying a shopping bag.

Needless to say dear old playmate could not wait until we get home. Not what you are thinking people!! :-D But to see me try it on one more time.

So now we have a riding date next weekend. And though I was scared initially about the thought, I am looking forward to it (a bit) and wonder how people would react to the purple 'met. Hehe...


pochie said...

wuhoo!!Astig ng helmet!!! :D :D... pahiram!

ahaha.. ayan ka kase... never say never :D

GIGI said...

Tenks! It is quite astig. Hahahaha! And yeah never say never. Broom, broom!