Tuesday, February 26, 2008

East vs. West

I just came from the company sponsored movie date. It is a 4x a year event where the company asks employees to vote for what movie to watch and then we rent a whole theater just for employees.
As I was excitedly watching the latest blockbuster Vantage Point, I realized that I only see western movies when we have these movie dates.

Check out these numbers:

* In 2007, I watch a grand total of 3 hollywood movies (Music and Lyrics, Spiderman and Rush Hour 3). I missed Enchanted last November because I was in Hongkong on vacation. Oh, make that 4! I forgot Bourne Ultimatum.

* Since 2004, I have seen about 94 japanese dramas, 15 Taiwanese dramas and 15 Korean dramas. That's an average of 31 dramas per year! Which is roughly 2-3 dramas a month!

Note that each drama has about 11 episodes (Taiwan and Korean dramas are about 1 hour each episode) of about 45 minutes each. It loosely translates that i was glued to any of my tri-nation addiction for about 255 hours each year. This does not include the asian movies and tv programs that I also watch.

Wow! Oh my God! Holy Cow! Tsk, tsk! No wonder i am hopelessly not updated..... okay back to my dorama. Hahaha!

Movie links:

Vantage Point - http://www.vantagepoint-movie.com/index.php
Music and Lyrics - http://musicandlyrics.warnerbros.com/
Spiderman 4 - http://spiderman.sonypictures.com/
Rush Hour 3 - http://www.rushhourmovie.com/sitemap.html
Enchanted - http://adisney.go.com/disneyvideos/liveaction/enchanted/
Bourne Ultimatum - http://www.bourne-ultimatum.net/

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