Saturday, February 16, 2008

Past Catching Up with the Present...

Recently in town is an artist from my past - Julia Fordham. I was driving to work one day and I saw this huge tarp of Julia and that she was going to play at the Activity Center of Trinoma (, the mall nearest me. So I bugged girlfriends Ochie and Kathy to go with me and watch what would be the cheapest but awesome concert in my whole life.

Cheap? Because all I had to do was stand somewhere in the Activitiy center and i could watch for free.

Awesome? Oh yes! Julia's voice has not changed. I never really knew her age but when I checked out her website (, I found out that we are just the same age! No wonder I felt like I grew up with her. *alright people of this earth, stop counting years!!*

Listening to my old favorites was so nostalgic for me that I did not mind standing there for an hour and was just swaying to the music....Girlfriend, Happy Together, Invisible Wars and the lovesong of many Love Moves in Mysterious Ways. I was happy to see that Ochie, who was from another generation was appreciating the music.

While I was being transported back in time to the old Folk Arts Theater in the days that Julia was playing to packed concert goers, I realized that I did not have anything of her on CD!!! Playmate Butch confirmed that everything I had of her were in *cough*, *ehemm*, *scratches chin* cassette tape!!!!!

So I rushed to buy her latest CD China Blue so I can load it up in Ipod and enjoy her cool voice perfect for pop jazz. I was a happy kamper when I learned that the cd sold on that day and during the show was signed by Julia!

Here's a cut from the album. It is a remake of an old Michael McDonald song "I Keep Forgettin". What's cool about this song is that Michael sang back-up vocals to this one. Enjoy and download at this site:

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pochie said...

Bwehehhe.. naririnig ko na rin kase siya dati.. my cousin loves her... and she also has her *coughs* cassette tapes *coughs* :D