Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chocolates and Valentines

It's probably because of Valentine's Day coming up that my mind is pre-occupied with one thing the past couple of days...chocolates. It is one thing that I really, really love. Too bad I cannot indulge as much now as before since I was diagnosed with diabetes.

But whenever I feel the urge....and my blood sugar seem okay....I am thankful that both Hershey's ( and M&M's ( have their dark variation because the doc said that is what I can eat during those rare times that I can eat them. And yey that they're in purple! :-D

Despite my love for the color of the above, still the yummiest of all that I have ever eaten so far is Royce ( I had the pleasure of eating this chocolate through the kindness of my Japanese friends who gave me a box during my last trip to Taipei. The chocolates give a whole new meaning to the phrase "melt in your mouth". And now I'm looking forward to my Tokyo trip so I can indulge once again. My mouth is already watering....

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Love and be loved.


chocoholic said...

Royce is sooo sarap! You can also buy it in HK (I buy at the stall across Page One at Harbour City/Ocean Terminal in TST), Singapore and even Taipei (I only saw one stall so far, at Sogo Fuxing branch, near Citysuper)

GIGI said...

Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for the tip. Hindi ko pa nakilala ang Royce during my recent trips to HK, SG and TPE. But next time...hindi makakawala sa akin yan.