Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wish to see you, Taiwan!

So off I went to Taiwan...6 days and 5 nights. As a first time visitor, I wondered how I would like Taiwan. Pre-exposed to this country because of the dramas and music videos that I watched over the last few years, I wanted to know if I will like the country in the flesh as they say.

During the 2-hour flight, I listened to Vic Chou's album Remember I Love You (,_I_Love_You) to familiarize my ears to the sound of the Mandarin language again. It has been a while since I listened to Mandarin songs (more about why later..) and the short flight is just about right for one album.

On arrival at the Taoyuan International Airport, I thought it looked like Fukuoka's airport. Very simple. Not as breathtaking as Suvarnabhumi in my humble opinion. What will make the airport unforgettable to a fangirl tourist like me is this:

Naturally, everyone on the Cebu Pacific flight who is a fan of F4 stopped and took pictures to the amusement or snickers of non-believers. To heck with getting out of immigration - photo op muna!

While I was lining up to get my passport stamped, I suddenly felt an old excitement which I had not had in quite a while...anticipation of seeing not only Taiwan but the 4 boys who greeted me and the places where they were seen, walked and filmed.

The only cog in the wheel of this nice welcome was the sight of about 50 Filipino workers being literally horded out of the airport by this nasty Filipino-Chinese coordinator who shouts and gives horrible sounding instructions in Tagalog. I felt offended by his harsh instruction of a very simple thing such as taking their jackets off (I wonder why this was such a big thing for him?). I can only wish them good luck and say a quick prayer for their success.

......taking deep breathes......

The girls and I rode the airport shuttle that took us to Cosmos hotel where one can take a short cab ride to the Ximending area where we stayed. Now, Ximending..that's another story.

Note: This purple blogger will never compare her own country's pauper looking NAIA airport. Ever. Period.

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