Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FLASHBACK! My US Purple Loot

When my girlfriend Ochie was assigned to the US last year, what became our past time was online shopping. Since we missed each other, we would chat and shop while chatting almost everyday. God knows how many hours we spent at The Purple Store ( planning and scheming what to buy and when to buy. We also spent some time at Grandma Purple (

So when Ochie came home after 8 months in Minnesota, one of her balikbayan boxes is mostly MY PURPLE STUFF! I was in purple heaven when I spread them on my bed and took pictures.

I loved my purple camouflage shorts but the hubby snatched it for himself. That nice purple pullover sweater is yet to be worn...I am looking forward to wearing it to my Hongkong trip end of this month. The purple sports bra is one of my favorite things. It has seen many badminton and volleyball games. The rolling backpack has travelled to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and soon Hongkong. Ochie gifted me with that cardigan sweater. And of course, my Ipod video dressed in purple IFrogz which I adore and carry with me always.

I want to do this again..horde purple stuff but Ochie is now back in Manila and there's no one crazy enough to do this with me. In the meantime, I'm browsing through the stores and bookmark!

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