Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Air of Christmas

Christmas is in the air and it has come to the purple birdcage. Busy at work as usual, my ever enthusiastic husband has decided it's time to put Christmas decors on. We Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas as they say. Many of us rummage through last year's decor and put them up as soon as All Saint's Day has passed.

So when i arrived home, I was happy to see but almost could not recognize...our alcove!

I had those purple ribbons and balls for ages but just now realized that I need to buy more purple hangings for my Christmas alcove.

While I was taking photos of the alcove, I notice that I have updated my entertainment mecca with new tokens and souvenirs of love. Hahaha!

To keep Takuya Kimura and Hideaki Takizawa company up there, Masha has come to stay for good as well Zhou You Min. But no hard feelings. I love it that all of them daisuki boys are represented.

Hmmmmm....I want more of those purple ribbons...nothing but the prettiest for my pretty boys.


Sora said...

Well said.

GIGI said...

Thank you and thanks for dropping by. Where are you from?