Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life Goes On...Back to my Taipei Video Blogs

This video sounded better than the first ones I've uploaded. The adage that one does get better as long as you keep at it seem to be true for me. Hahaha!

It's a clip of our hotel in Ximending and the empty streets of the area in the quiet of the morning. I love both day and night of Ximending. In the morning, you get to see other details you usually don't see like facades of stores and displays while at night you get to see the people and the items on sale.

Right next to our hotel is a shop that sells clothes ranging from NT$ 100 (that's right, Php 140 pesos only..) up to NT$ 390. Suddenly I was thankful that I was my size because had I been smaller I would have owed Ochie a ton of money and would be paying up until my retirement! :-D

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