Friday, November 16, 2007

SOP Purple on me..

Everyday, these items are what you will find inside my bag. Essentials you might say...

That wallet is my sister's gift to me last Christmas. It was really hard to find a nice purple wallet with lots of space for my junk. I dread the day that this wallet will be replaced but its proving to be tough as nails.

I love that purple CK shades. Again, it took me a while to find it but a traffic jam would bring me and my husband to stop at Megamall ( one day for something to eat and lo and behold it's sitting inside the display shelf when we passed by.

The Parker ballpen ( was a gift from my sister-in-law with an engraving of my name. One of the coolest since its purple and even the ink is a rare purple.

And lastly, my Timex watch ( has been with me for years. Can't remember when but I've gone to many travels with it, swam in several beaches and pools with it and played sports with it. It's my weekend watch that fits anything that I wear which is usually jeans and something purple blouse..hehe I still cannot forget that I had to wait 6 months (!) for a replacement strap. Now I am beating myself because I should have gotten 2 sets.

Well like I said, these are essentials to a purple person like me.

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