Thursday, November 22, 2007

These Shoes are love....and off to another adventure!

Ochie and I bought these shoes in the Ximending area in Taipei. There are many shoe shops there that carry locally made shoes at very, very reasonable prices, in short, cheap. Obviously from the looks of it, you would know which one is mine and which one is hers. I actually love Ochie's Burberry kinda print pair but my size is still a challenge in modern day Taipei. *pulls hair*

The price of the shoes? 390 NT$ each which is approx. 500 Php. A steal!!

These pair of shoes are off travelling again. It's been 3 years since I've been to HK so I am excited to see it again and most especially to see it with my budding chef hubby and my ever travel partner. I hope I can find more size 9 flat shoes over there.

I'll be back to tell the tale....Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!


pochie said...

Kawaii :D :D... excited nako! :D

GIGI said...

Kawaii desu yo ne? Me too I'm excited but exhausted from catching up with all the work I need to finish.